Saturday, July 3, 2010

May 30th 2010

Sunday 30th


Finally some free time. I can't wait till tomorrow when I get my hour call home. As always, ship staff sux! Not sure if I mentioned that yet :) Other than that yesterday wasn't bad, I don't have watch duty today, thank God. But still have crappy ship staff meeting. Not sure if we have to clean ship tonight. Probably do though. I've been having a lot of feet pain for about a week, been trying to ignore it, but now I'm getting sharp pain from my foot half way up to my knee. To top that I'm having bad backpain. I'm afraid if I go to medical that they will put me on SIQ (sick in quarters) which means I'll get behind or because it's my back I could get sent home :( We can't have qtips here, not sure why. Feel free to send me a pic of you also :) The pics of the kids make me cry, every time I look at them, especially 'K', she looks so sad in the picture. I got dog tags last week. First test is on Tuesday I think. Only 4 weeks left (in theory). The train stops right outside the front gate, very convenient. I get to take a long shower today. It will be epic LOL. Got to shine my boots too YAY! And sew a button on my uniform and sew a pocket seam. Apparently they let 'large' people in now under something called "Good Start". Weird. I'm glad everything is going good there. Just wish I was there too :( I love you guys and miss you so much. I'll talk to you tomorrow ( Monday 31st)

XOXO- Mama
5H1- M

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