Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 15th 2010 Part 2

Tuesday 15th- Part 2

Ok now the detailed version

So I told you I've been sick, so last Friday (day 10 of being sick) I come back from class and have major chills. After about an hour we head to chow and it's getting worse. So I decide to go to medical before they close. Moron doctor #4 tell me I have flu & ear infection, gives me 3 days SIQ (stay in bed except potty and chow) So now I am not doing anything, so this 'flu' starts tearing me apart. Sunday morning after I get done in the head I black out and hit the deck. Petty officer took so long to come check on me that I had gotten up and started to shave and blah blah blah. That night right before chow I get sharp stabbing pains below my rib cage, I got to chow, afterward hit the head and hacked up blood. So they call south C VA hospital and a ambulance comes to get me. When they pack me up they take vitals and my temp is 103.9 so the take me in. I got put on oxygen, blood work & 2 bags of IV They tell me I have bronchitis and pharyngitis or something. Give me meds and send me back (by the way the Friday doc gave me no meds for flu & ear infection) so next morning I follow up at sick call and still 103.4 temp so another day SIQ. So I go in again this morning and fever is down, but I'm still not right so doc gives me limited duty and sends me to smart clinic for my back. Now I get a 3rd quack that tells me I don't have scoliosis, but it's muscle spasms and continues to tell me that my file DOES NOT EVER mention me having it.

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