Friday, July 30, 2010

July 25th 2010

Sunday 25th

Hey sexy

22:13- So today the fun begin. Went to church, great music, saw my people from RCU, watched half of scarface, got to go to the lounge, downside, didn't get to go online :( Have watch from 00:00-02:00, oh well. Some good news, I was "promoted" to master at arms today, so I am somewhat in charge of this division. Things like height line, when we do stuff, kepping them inline. Should help pass the time till I leave. Which by the way should be friday if all goes well. I have legal tomorrow @ 13:00 and I will get my sep code, hopefully good. Then Tuesday I go to the NEX and call you and M :) Over the weekend we have watched King Kong, Cop Out, Mirrors, My best friends girl. We have another kid from RCU coming here tomorrow, we got ice cream twix for lunch desert today. It was Fantabulous! We also go to go outside and 'play' today. It's funny really, but I'll probably be home before you get this....hopefully :) I don't know how I ever would have been able to do 6m-1yr away from you guys. We should be back in csp in time for Harry Potter :) Oh well time for bed..


Loving & missing you


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