Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 8th 2010

Tuesday 8th

Hey Baby

So right now we are being forced to write letters HaHaHa. Petty Officer said some recruits mom called into congress and complained that we don't have enough time to write letters here. So now we do I guess, don't know if its every night thing. So write me MORE often PLEASE!!! So far my back has been ok, but the more activity I do the less the meds help. The term herniated disc has come up to. So may end up back at medical getting more xrays. On the plus side my mood has improvedna little, but I'm still ready to come home! :( Went to classifications yesterday and found out I will probably have 1 A school (14 weeks), 2 C schools ( 6weeks and unknown) and FMF training ( 7weeks) and then with my luck get sent to a ship that is deploying for 9 months. So maybe I'll get to see P by kindergarten :( And they are telling us not to move families till ALL of school is complete. Hope everything is going well for you at least. Please write more. Like every night. i can't handle only 1 letter a week. I'm also going on day 7 of the flu YAY Hopefully you've sent me a pic by now it's only been 4 weeks!!! Well sounds like times almost up. So I'll keep writing and hopefully we can send more often!!

Take care of everybody for me

Love you
Miss you

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