Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 5th 2010

Saturday 5th

Hi Love

Hope everythings going good. I miss you guys. Its 9:58pm, we're all in bed....sorta LOL. Well again I'm sorry if you have been worried since the phone call. I wish I could send letters more often. Today was my 1st day on the new drugs and it was great, no pain what so ever. Doesn't mean I'm out of the woods, but its a great start and has boosted my attitude 10 fold. I've decided to brush off this place and its helped tremendously. One day at a time right?? Ship staff wasn't even that bad tonight. Rumor has it that ship staff get E-2 at the end. I still haven't seen a pay stub yet, which is disappointing. Tomorrow I'm going to the contemporary Christian service. Hoping that God will help us through this. Next week is classifications. I'm not sure how many times I can get "almost kicked out" before I actually get kicked out LOL. Oh well not going to worry about it and I don't want you to either ok :) I'll try to get you advance notice before next phone call no guarantees though. Hug the kids for me and have Steve hug you for me :)

Love you lots
Write more tomorrow
SR *********

PS I haven't seen you in 4weeks come monday, PLEASE send me a pic asap of you :)

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