Saturday, July 3, 2010

May 25th 2010

Tuesday 25th 9:30pm

Just hit lights out. My feet stink LOL :) Today I was relieved of my position as section leader, thats ok though I'm still on crappy ship staff :( yuck. Today we had a great PT session though. I had to run (literally run) across base today to the process bldg for the kids paper work and when I got there they told me they need all the original paper work they gave me last time, so, now I got to run back again tomorrow, it's like 2 miles in the sun, in blue digi's. HOT HOT HOT! My studying is getting a little better. The 1st test is on the 1st. It's multiple choice so I think I'll be alright. Tomorrow is our 1st bunk/personnel inspection. Shouldn't be too hard. The stupidity here is unbelievable.

I need NCIS updates LOL!!! I really hope you write soon I could really use some news from home. And some pics. How is pookie bear, is he trying to walk yet? or talk? I miss you guys so much. I hope the kids are being some what good. How are they handling me being gone?

X's O's more tomorrow

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