Saturday, July 3, 2010

May 24th 2010 "First letter home"

Monday 24ish

Today we got our first mail call. PLEASE send mail soon and often. I really miss you all. We are only allowed to write and send mail on Sundays :( but can receive mon-fri :). I'm still having trouble with my studies and to make it worse chief volunteered me for ship staff which involves cleaning part of the ship every night. To ice the cake the petty officer (P.O.) in charge of that put me in charge of deck 2's cleaning :( so that is killing my study time. But chief said he would only send people to ship staff who he believed to be a good reflection of him. One of the ship staff is head of the mail room and said we could bring him letters and he would get them outgoing so here's hoping I can sneak out letters to you :) I do not know how I am going to make graduation by the 1st, if at all :( I did at least pass my swim test YAY! It was a bear too, 10 foot high dive, 50 yard swim using only certain strokes, 5min dead mans float and use coveralls as a flotation device. I had my follow up with the dentist today. I was scheduled for 4 extractions and 1 filling. I froze going in and refused to sit in the chair. I was completely scared and dang near crying.The surgeon went over my xrays and decided it best not to pull any because they ware in some main vein ,and I was high risk for paralysis. So thank God for that.

I'm still very confused if I should be here. I thank God for my bunkmates/shipmates. They have been the only thing keeping me sane! If it weren't for you and the kids, I probably would have went awol by now. Oh and because of ship staff duty my liberty weekend could be cut short :( However I hear that my A school is way backed up so I might be able to head back home and do some recruiter time or I've heard sometimes they approve use of vacation time in which case I could go help you move and get paid at the same time :)

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