Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 3rd 2010

Saturday 3rd

Hey baby

So heres the catch up letter. I believe it was Tuesday that I called you and more has changed. I went back to the doctor on Wed I think and they figured out my back and chest pain. The joints in my spine where my ribs meet are not releasing/moving properly. YAY me :( So I get chiropractic stuff 3 days a week and on a PT phase thing 5 days a week, so because of this they ASMP'd me again to RCU (Recruit Convalescent Unit) basically injury unit. For a minimum of 7 days ( Tuesday6th) if I'm cleared then, I can start attempting PFAs again. But wait theres more, They are closing BS for 2 weeks for maintenance. So I'm stuck here till at least the 16thish. Hope I get cut soon, this place is very depressing. We went to the NEX today and were authorized calls. But by the time I bought a calling card I was out of time :( But I got more stamps and envelopes at least.

I just got your letter yesterday from the 22nd of June. What a kick in the face :( I'm sorry you guys didn't get to take the train. I hope you didn't lose money on not coming here.

At this point in the game they could send me home for PFA failure any time they want :( Part of me wishes they would, I miss you all so much. I miss holding you, kissing you, laying with you. Even fighting with you. I can't express the pain I feel missing the kids.

If and when I make it to A school I want/need you guys to move out here. I can't do another 14+ weeks w/o you. If you get Matt enrolled in school in csp, he could probably stay at grandparents and we could get a small place here.

Please send more pics. I need'em now more than ever, letters too :) please.

My weight is still 199-202 but my body fat is 18% from 25%

The people in here are interesting to say the least. 1 kid has been here for 2 months, had his appendix burst in week 1. Another has been here for over 200 days, many have fractures or broken bones.

Oh and too boot, holiday weekend so we missed some of our therapy because they were closed. Go figure, right? any luck with the van??

As usual I had 100 things to tell you and now I am blank. Have you had to do a contract on the house? D get the charger out yet? Do you have enough money? New bills? Have you started my truck? NCIS updates? How's MewMew? Hows grandparents doing?

Well I figure you will get this by Friday. Hopefully I get to call you before you get this. I love you and hope everythings going ok there.

Wish I could be there :(


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