Friday, July 30, 2010

July 19th 2010

Monday 19th

Hey Babe

Just got your letter from the 12th along w/ 3 letters from mom. Need better details on NCIS then "its over" A lot of people are depending on you ;) I called dad to get you this van, but they said now you don't want it till you go out there. Screw that, go get it. I did the hard part and called and begged for help. Please stop turning it down. I know about dad possibly losing his job and I can imagine how they are dealing with that. Congrats on losing 19.5, keep it up, I know you can do it. Well today I failed my 400m run for the 3rd time. They said they are going to have to talk to my dr. I have an appointment with him tomorrow. Either I'll get separated, or I'll get set back to phase3. Which means another 30+ days. Also I was supposed to start A school tomorrow, hahaha :( Oh well I really hate being away from you this long, so I'm not sure at this point if staying or going home is a better option. I've been doing a lot of church now, choir on Friday nights, chapel on Sunday morning and a class called "Sailors for Christ" after service. Trying to keep my mind off my pain. Well at least your getting paid right now. No offense, but I'd rather be home w/you and barely scraping by.

Well I'm off to bed


Love Always

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