Friday, July 30, 2010

July 23rd 2010

Friday 23rd (Found out Thursday he is being separated)

Good Morning :)

The time is currently 14mins after the 8o'clock hour. The tornadoes have passed and we're still alive (not kidding) Last night I was on watch from 22:00-24:00. At 23:06 the tornado alarms go off, we had to get everybody up and in the head. Took about 45mins-1hour before it was lifted. Tornado did touch somewhere near base last night.

It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. Online was sweet too. Can't wait to get home. Sad that I got to talk to you more yesterday than all last 8-9 weeks :( oh well. We didn't get to go to legal today :(, but should on Monday (I hope).

This unit has the mental people too so it's really weird. A petty officer even sleeps here in case anybody tries to kill themselves. I guess 1 recruit did hang himself across the hall in February. Everybody here says if you have 00:00-02:00 watch, you can see his spirit across the hall walking toward the drying room....weirdos :)

Yesterday I watched part of Twilight New Moon, part of Mr Deeds :), part of Omion News, and some other movies. Oh Paul Blart Mall Cop is not worth buying.

Forgot to tell you about the kid in RCU. He came to RCU during P-days (1st week) with a brain cyst had bad headaches, was with us for about 4 days, went to tranquility (hospital) for them, later in day sent to VA hospital, now he is in a coma :(

Being here is gay, but 1 other guy from RCU got here with me, so we are sticking close till we both get out. Even though theres movies and PS1, its still stressful here. Like I said some people here are nuts and some are disgruntled about being sep'd.

The RDCs are nice to us here at least. When I got here they took away all my shoelaces, nail trimmers, polish, sewing kit, uniforms, seabag, it's been weird. At chow we are not allowed to get knives. Whats really weird is theres no galley in this ship, we eat over in ship 3, brings back memories to be back there.


Just got back from chow. Went to doc today to get mom's paper signed for her flight insurance.

Try to save as much money as you can for us to move. We will figure it all out. Might sell the couch, well I will write more soon

Miss you lots
Be home soon

Love you

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