Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 15th 2010

Tuesday 15th

Hey Baby

So it's been 3 weeks and 1 day since since I left :( Thats sad to me, it's been that long since I've held you all. Today was interesting. I'm still on LLD so I am not allowed to do anything or even stand for more than 15mins. We had compartment/bunk inspection today, I was 1 of a dozen to score perfect on my bunk YAY me LOL :) but we got jacked on the compartment :( so we will probably get beat tomorrow. We also had test 1 today...I think I passed...maybe. Don't think it matters at this point though cuz my back, which by the way is still way jacked up. I blame P for being a giant baby who has to be held LOL (jk Pookie bear) My bunkmate has bronchitis and pneumonia. sux to be him, hope it's not contagious. Was hoping for another letter tonight, but oh well hoepfully tomorrow :) Tomorrow is my last day as LLD so hopefully it get better before I go back on Thursday/Friday. Guess we could get you to enlist :) But I don't think we'd survive long without you. Well I'm off to bed, hopefully we'll get our phone call soon.

Hope you're doing ok

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