Friday, July 30, 2010

July 25th 2010

Sunday 25th

Hey sexy

22:13- So today the fun begin. Went to church, great music, saw my people from RCU, watched half of scarface, got to go to the lounge, downside, didn't get to go online :( Have watch from 00:00-02:00, oh well. Some good news, I was "promoted" to master at arms today, so I am somewhat in charge of this division. Things like height line, when we do stuff, kepping them inline. Should help pass the time till I leave. Which by the way should be friday if all goes well. I have legal tomorrow @ 13:00 and I will get my sep code, hopefully good. Then Tuesday I go to the NEX and call you and M :) Over the weekend we have watched King Kong, Cop Out, Mirrors, My best friends girl. We have another kid from RCU coming here tomorrow, we got ice cream twix for lunch desert today. It was Fantabulous! We also go to go outside and 'play' today. It's funny really, but I'll probably be home before you get this....hopefully :) I don't know how I ever would have been able to do 6m-1yr away from you guys. We should be back in csp in time for Harry Potter :) Oh well time for bed..


Loving & missing you


July 23rd 2010

Friday Evening 23rd


Don't know if you could hear us over webcam. I had to get off quick, cuz petty officer came in yelling at me for using it. Didn't realize it was off limits, oh well it was worth getting in trouble just to see all of you. I can't believe how crazy Pookie is :) I miss him anyway. I wish I could webcam with you everyday. You did get a few compliments ;)

Seeing you made me miss you so much more, I can't wait to get home. I promise things will be ok. Bigger things await us and only God knows the where, when and why. Coming here was but a stepping stone to strenghten us, as people and as a family.

I miss you dearly and I thank God for having you for all we've been through.

Xs and Os, in a letter to home

Love always

July 23rd 2010

Friday 23rd (Found out Thursday he is being separated)

Good Morning :)

The time is currently 14mins after the 8o'clock hour. The tornadoes have passed and we're still alive (not kidding) Last night I was on watch from 22:00-24:00. At 23:06 the tornado alarms go off, we had to get everybody up and in the head. Took about 45mins-1hour before it was lifted. Tornado did touch somewhere near base last night.

It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. Online was sweet too. Can't wait to get home. Sad that I got to talk to you more yesterday than all last 8-9 weeks :( oh well. We didn't get to go to legal today :(, but should on Monday (I hope).

This unit has the mental people too so it's really weird. A petty officer even sleeps here in case anybody tries to kill themselves. I guess 1 recruit did hang himself across the hall in February. Everybody here says if you have 00:00-02:00 watch, you can see his spirit across the hall walking toward the drying room....weirdos :)

Yesterday I watched part of Twilight New Moon, part of Mr Deeds :), part of Omion News, and some other movies. Oh Paul Blart Mall Cop is not worth buying.

Forgot to tell you about the kid in RCU. He came to RCU during P-days (1st week) with a brain cyst had bad headaches, was with us for about 4 days, went to tranquility (hospital) for them, later in day sent to VA hospital, now he is in a coma :(

Being here is gay, but 1 other guy from RCU got here with me, so we are sticking close till we both get out. Even though theres movies and PS1, its still stressful here. Like I said some people here are nuts and some are disgruntled about being sep'd.

The RDCs are nice to us here at least. When I got here they took away all my shoelaces, nail trimmers, polish, sewing kit, uniforms, seabag, it's been weird. At chow we are not allowed to get knives. Whats really weird is theres no galley in this ship, we eat over in ship 3, brings back memories to be back there.


Just got back from chow. Went to doc today to get mom's paper signed for her flight insurance.

Try to save as much money as you can for us to move. We will figure it all out. Might sell the couch, well I will write more soon

Miss you lots
Be home soon

Love you

July 19th 2010

Monday 19th

Hey Babe

Just got your letter from the 12th along w/ 3 letters from mom. Need better details on NCIS then "its over" A lot of people are depending on you ;) I called dad to get you this van, but they said now you don't want it till you go out there. Screw that, go get it. I did the hard part and called and begged for help. Please stop turning it down. I know about dad possibly losing his job and I can imagine how they are dealing with that. Congrats on losing 19.5, keep it up, I know you can do it. Well today I failed my 400m run for the 3rd time. They said they are going to have to talk to my dr. I have an appointment with him tomorrow. Either I'll get separated, or I'll get set back to phase3. Which means another 30+ days. Also I was supposed to start A school tomorrow, hahaha :( Oh well I really hate being away from you this long, so I'm not sure at this point if staying or going home is a better option. I've been doing a lot of church now, choir on Friday nights, chapel on Sunday morning and a class called "Sailors for Christ" after service. Trying to keep my mind off my pain. Well at least your getting paid right now. No offense, but I'd rather be home w/you and barely scraping by.

Well I'm off to bed


Love Always

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July ?? 2010

Received July 17th

Hey Baby

Glad to hear K is not had anymore issues. Sad to hear P is having fun w/o me :( I got a hold of dad after I talked to you. He said you could use the white van till I get back. Don't sell the blue van, I will deal w/that when I get home. Sorry bad news time, the physical therapy is making my back worse. Not sure what will come of doc appt on 20th. So far not off to a good start w/the run therapy because of it. Got letters from mom, she says you're posting my letters online. Hoping not everything LOL :) Also they don't check our mail here, so send more pics. Stay here much longer I might have you send cell phone hehehe;) How's D's charger coming along? Also it's Div 2**1 now, not sure if I sent you that. We are supposed to get 5min calls every week.....supposed too! I swear every time I write I forget what I was going to write :P Don't foget to keep starting the truck, did you sell anymore of the garage sale stuff? Well times up for now, can't wait to hear more from you. Send more pics!

Love you lots
Might be home soon.
Miss you


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 11th 2010

July 11th

Hey Babe

Well I don't totally remember what I said in the last letter. So some things might be a repeat. I have now been delayed till at least the 20th when I go back to the doctor. The physical therapy is now making me worse. I get burning/thumbing in my back then my knees go out w/o warning. Not sure wtf. Fighting through it. Got the pics. Thank you. Pookie is huge, I feel like I have missed so much. Forgot to ask, did you buy the duck hunt lamp :) Let me know about K, hoping its not serious. Also if a emergency arises with her the fastest way to get ahold of me is contact the american red cross. I just wrote mom & dad and asked them to look for a new van. So please accept their help. Looks like you guys had a fun 4th of July. I'm hoping the kids aren't having any problems w/me being gone this long. All the stories we hear lately are about how hard navy life is on the wife! And them cheating or leaving while we're out to sea. Real motivator huh? Well not sure what'll happen. But wish they'd make up their mind, either fix me or send me home. Maybe I can see Pookie before he turns 2 lol. Well check csp craigs for a new van, dodge between 97-02 med wheel base, conv van or at this point even a passanger model. Well times up so I'll write you more as I'm allowed

Love you guys
Missing you

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 3rd 2010

Saturday 3rd

Hey baby

So heres the catch up letter. I believe it was Tuesday that I called you and more has changed. I went back to the doctor on Wed I think and they figured out my back and chest pain. The joints in my spine where my ribs meet are not releasing/moving properly. YAY me :( So I get chiropractic stuff 3 days a week and on a PT phase thing 5 days a week, so because of this they ASMP'd me again to RCU (Recruit Convalescent Unit) basically injury unit. For a minimum of 7 days ( Tuesday6th) if I'm cleared then, I can start attempting PFAs again. But wait theres more, They are closing BS for 2 weeks for maintenance. So I'm stuck here till at least the 16thish. Hope I get cut soon, this place is very depressing. We went to the NEX today and were authorized calls. But by the time I bought a calling card I was out of time :( But I got more stamps and envelopes at least.

I just got your letter yesterday from the 22nd of June. What a kick in the face :( I'm sorry you guys didn't get to take the train. I hope you didn't lose money on not coming here.

At this point in the game they could send me home for PFA failure any time they want :( Part of me wishes they would, I miss you all so much. I miss holding you, kissing you, laying with you. Even fighting with you. I can't express the pain I feel missing the kids.

If and when I make it to A school I want/need you guys to move out here. I can't do another 14+ weeks w/o you. If you get Matt enrolled in school in csp, he could probably stay at grandparents and we could get a small place here.

Please send more pics. I need'em now more than ever, letters too :) please.

My weight is still 199-202 but my body fat is 18% from 25%

The people in here are interesting to say the least. 1 kid has been here for 2 months, had his appendix burst in week 1. Another has been here for over 200 days, many have fractures or broken bones.

Oh and too boot, holiday weekend so we missed some of our therapy because they were closed. Go figure, right? any luck with the van??

As usual I had 100 things to tell you and now I am blank. Have you had to do a contract on the house? D get the charger out yet? Do you have enough money? New bills? Have you started my truck? NCIS updates? How's MewMew? Hows grandparents doing?

Well I figure you will get this by Friday. Hopefully I get to call you before you get this. I love you and hope everythings going ok there.

Wish I could be there :(