Saturday, July 3, 2010

May 30th 2010 PART 2

Sunday 30th PART 2

Still have time to write! So I'll write more, YAY:)

My shower was indeed epic :) LOL I was in for at least 30mins. Almost lunch time. Hope its good, they change the menu here every dayish. Except for breakfast. Breakfast is bacon or ham, or turkey sausage, and scrambled eggs, or hard boiled eggs and triangle and pancake or waffle or french toast + fruit bar. I have drank only watre since day 1 and we have to drink 8-12 canteens a day (canteen=2 water bottles) And I just found out we get holiday routine tomorrow also, so you're gonna have lots of mail. It's about 11am right now. The water taste funny, like lake water, LOL :) Almost forgot (or maybe not LOL) I got 2 fillings a couple of days ago and they smoothed out 1 of my teeth so my bite is flater in the back. My mouth was numb for 4 hours. Well its about 15min till lunch so I'll write you more tomorrow

Love you lots
Miss you all :)


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