Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 10th 2010

Thursday 10th

Hey Baby

So this is dumb, we can write 3 days a week, but only send on Sunday :) stupid.
Oh well I guess. Tomorrow is 2nd PFA at 04:45am, ewww. Kinda worried cuz my legs are real tight and my back is throbbing, but I'm hoping for the best. Also have 2 inspections tomorrow. Monday is simulated fire (guns) and Tuesday is live fire (also guns). My flu is dieing down after 7 days. I might have an ear infection though. Everybody is just pass'n it around LOL. No ship staff tonight YAY. And found out ship staff will not have watch duty on liberty weekend. I got my account info and card for the nfcu today. Hoping to get another letter from you tonight. It's been 7 days :( I'm still scared about being here. Still not totally sure this was the right choice. But I'm worrying through it. Today we got to play on a small simulated ship. it was alot of fun, kinda a small version of battlestations. Still getting beat up on academics :( Hope you are having fun at least, keep up the exercise, I know you got it in you :) Give kids extra squeezes for me and don't forget to start my truck every once in awhile. Next wed is graduation photos. Any luck getting M enrolled into school. Take extra care of him for me, I know he's an emotional kid. Hopefully I be home sometime soon, I really miss holding you guys. Do or die, I've learned a lot and will come home a differant man. Times up, I'll write more on Sunday

Love you lots

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