Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 6th 2010

Sunday 6th

Hey Baby

Sunday afternoon (sorta) it's like 10:45am. Just got back from church. It was absolutely awesome. The preacher was great. Great music (mostly in house) last song was Jars of Clay "Worlds Apart". Made me cry (just a little LOL) I wish you all were here with me, that is the hardest part of bootcamp. I think things will start getting better this week. Hardly feels like 4 weeks have passed. I hope the next 4 (3.5) go even faster. Friday we have another PFA + personal inspection + weapons turnover inspection. So it's going to get busy. Test 2 is on the 17th I believe. Well sorry to cut it short, but I got a few other things to do but I'll continue to write every night

I love you

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