Saturday, July 3, 2010

May 26th

Wedsnday 26th

Well today was good for the most part. I pass my personal/bunk inspection. YAY I guess. Another shipmate was sent home today. We are becoming fewer. The O.O.D on ship staff sux tonight. Kinda ruined the whole day for me :( At least writing you every night gives me something to look forward to all day. Please write soon :( 2.5 weeks down, 4.5 weeks to go, I still have a bad feeling somethings going to happen to me. Please write soon and send pics. I miss you all and want to come home so bad. Every day this place is more and more like prison :( oh well I guess. I did get the kids setup today for insurance. Well here's wishing you goodnight 500 miles away.


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