Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 2nd 2010

Wednesday 2nd


Just got your letter today. Thank you for the pic. I started crying when I saw P walking/climbing into the little car at the playcenter. So far it's the only good I've had today. I had to do 3 watches today because of stupid people today. Got yelled at a lot and to top it off got a letter from mom about her already booking flights and hotel. So now I got to mail her the bad news. Of course you can imagine how bad her letter made me feel. I come off LLD tomorrow and have a bad feeling about it. My back is still way jacked up only time it doesn't hurt is when I lay down. So at this point I would not worry about coming out here. again I'm sorry if/that I let you all down. Hopefully we get our call home soon, so I can tell you all this probably before you get this letter

Love you and I'll hopefully talk to you soon


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