Saturday, July 3, 2010

May 28th

Friday 28th

FINALLY!!Mail call came and I get 1 YAY ME! :) It was so good to finally hear from you, I was getting a little worried. It was a good end to a relatively good day and a well needed boost :) I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss you guys. I'm glad to hear everythings OK there, I'm sure you've received my 1st letter by now. Yesterday was basically 1 big crap on me day. I actually did write you last night, but I removed it because I was really down when I wrote it. Today however was not to bad. We took a pretest to test 1and I think I'll be ok. Our marching is coming along well, we do really good with the complex stuff, but can't get the easy stuff. The RDCs are very confused by us :) Please send letters daily if possible I could really use them, pics too. Ship staff still sux, I'll probably say that every night LOL :) but it does. I believe we get our hour call home this weekend, YAY! I am still having mood swings/attitude swings, not as much, but still there. It's really weird. What I wouldn't give to be home watching NCIS and cuddling my pookie bear, (and you :) )

Love you lots
Miss you
SR *********
DIV ***

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