Sunday, July 18, 2010

July ?? 2010

Received July 17th

Hey Baby

Glad to hear K is not had anymore issues. Sad to hear P is having fun w/o me :( I got a hold of dad after I talked to you. He said you could use the white van till I get back. Don't sell the blue van, I will deal w/that when I get home. Sorry bad news time, the physical therapy is making my back worse. Not sure what will come of doc appt on 20th. So far not off to a good start w/the run therapy because of it. Got letters from mom, she says you're posting my letters online. Hoping not everything LOL :) Also they don't check our mail here, so send more pics. Stay here much longer I might have you send cell phone hehehe;) How's D's charger coming along? Also it's Div 2**1 now, not sure if I sent you that. We are supposed to get 5min calls every week.....supposed too! I swear every time I write I forget what I was going to write :P Don't foget to keep starting the truck, did you sell anymore of the garage sale stuff? Well times up for now, can't wait to hear more from you. Send more pics!

Love you lots
Might be home soon.
Miss you


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